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To our Valued Members,

It’s almost been 4 years since we’ve opened! Times flies! We wanted to keep you up to date on our specials and promotions as we know you have a lot of gyms (new and old!) to choose from and obviously we rely on your valued and continued support through our public gym and our classes.


Some perks we’ve always given you since Day 1!


  • Students, military, search and rescue, emergency services and seniors receive more than 20% off our regular rates
  • No sign up fees (never have and never will)
  • 20% off supplements and we have ALWAYS HAD internet pricing!
  • You can go month to month, no commitment needed
  • We have family plans
  • We have corporate rates
  • If you purchase a year or are on autopay, your membership can be placed on hold for up to one month
  • We are always doing giveaways and contests!



Customer Loyalty Program Launching August 1, 2019

We want you to know you are appreciated and valued as our loyal member!

We have decided to give back a little more to our members who have been committed to us over the years and we are pleased to announce our client loyalty program!

Program starts August 1 2019 please ask our front desk staff what you qualify for!

Platinum Member (3+ years)

25% off all clothing

4 weeks free gym membership*

$30 Iron Warehouse Gift Card

15 free drops in cards good for the gym or classes to give to friends who are new to IWH

Gold Member (2+ years)

20% off clothing

3 weeks free gym membership*

$25 Iron Warehouse Gift Card

10 free drops in cards good for the gym or classes to give to friends who are new to IWH

Silver Member (1+ year)

15% off clothing

2 weeks free gym membership*

$10 Iron Warehouse Gift Card

5 free drops in cards good for the gym or classes to give to friends who are new to IWH

*based on a fiscal year


Our “LIMITLESS” location…….

A few years ago we wanted a studio where we could offer classes, seminars and private training and that’s when “LIMITLESS” was created. This 3000sqft space is located at 1117 Industrial Way in the Industrial Park. We offer spin classes, TRX, boot camp classes plus others. We also offer child friendly classes where you can bring your children with you!

There is also private services available:

~Le Stage Boxing offers Professional/Amateur Boxing that’s run by a professional boxing coach, Richard Le Stage. To get more information on this please contact Tyler at 250-954-7255

~For a “Knockout of a Workout” contact Adam Braidwood who is a professional heavyweight boxer. Adam currently does one on one training as well as small group training. You can contact Adam at 778-676-6787 or adam.braidwood@gmail.com

~“Combat Training” that includes a great high intensity workout while learning unmatchable skills. For more information contact Chris at 250-803-1842

~”Ferg’s Weightlifting Club” Ed Ferguson is an 82yr old Canadian Master’s Weightlifting record holder and professional Olympic Lifting Coach. He has been coaching for over 50 years, from beginners to advanced! To learn more about Olympic Lifting contact Ed at 250-228-2014.

We Want To Hear From You!

Help us make your facilities better! We appreciate any feedback (the good the bad and the ugly!) we just want you to enjoy your experience at IWH! Please send any suggestions to ironwarehousecanada@gmail.com


We are OPEN 24 hours a day, 7 day a week! Having that gym access at your fingertips is now a reality!

We will not have staff at all hours of the day. Make sure to get your key fob as staff will only be there certain days and hours.

Staffed Hours:

Monday-Friday 8am to 12pm AND 4pm to 8pm

Saturday – Sunday 10am to 4pm

Outside these hours the door will be locked and you will be a keyfob to enter. Keyfobs are a $10.50 deposit. All members must pay a $10.50 deposit for a keyfob


Same great atmosphere, same great equipment, new great hours



Meaghan and Steven

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