Sign up for Autopay in November and receive December 2022 for FREE!

Autopay is our 12 month contract option. It comes out of your bank account every month and has a $60 cancellation fee if cancelled before the 12 months is up.

Dont want to be stuck in a contract?? No worries! You can just go month to month and theres no commitment.

Unlike other gyms we have no sign up or enrolment fees, no middle of the year maintenance fees. We are the kind of gym where what you see is what you get!

Some perks we’ve always given you since Day 1!


  • Students, military, search and rescue, emergency services and seniors receive more than 20% off our regular rates
  • No sign up fees (never have and never will)
  • 20% off supplements and we have ALWAYS HAD internet pricing!
  • You can go month to month, no commitment needed
  • We have family plans
  • We have corporate rates
  • If you purchase a year or are on autopay, your membership can be placed on hold for up to one month
  • We are always doing giveaways and contests!



We Want To Hear From You!

Help us make your facilities better! We appreciate any feedback (the good the bad and the ugly!) we just want you to enjoy your experience at IWH. Please send any suggestions to ironwarehousecanada@gmail.com

We are OPEN 24 hours a day, 7 day a week! Having that gym access at your fingertips is now a reality!

We will not have staff at all hours of the day. Make sure to get your key fob as staff will only be there certain days and hours.

Staffed Hours:

Monday-Thursday 11am-7pm

Friday/Saturday 11am-2pm

Sundays/Holidays NO Staffed Hours

Outside these hours the door will be locked and you will be a keyfob to enter. Keyfobs are $15.75

Same great atmosphere, same great equipment, same great service


Meaghan and Steven

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