Our team of certified trainers are committed to the highest level of fitness opportunities for our members.  We are constantly expanding and improving our knowledge and offering our clients the best and most challenging classes to help them reach their fitness goals.


As Many Reps as Possible (AMRAP)

This class is designed to increase your endurance and stamina with the use of dumbbells, TRX, Bosu balls and regular ol’ body weight movements. Its a circuit based class where at each exercise you write down the number of reps you get in a certain amount of time at that particular station. When you come to that exercise again in the following rounds your goal is to surpass your previous amount of reps! Keeping you (and your mind) sharp right until the end of class! Any fitness level is welcome. This class is child friendly on Wednesday mornings.

Anything Goes

Just as the name implies anything goes with you and the trainer! It doesnt mean this class is easy by any means. This class will get your total body moving with a mix of core, high intensity cardio and strength training. The structure of the class changes from week to week to keep you on your toes. It will leave you feeling accomplished and ready for the busy weekend ahead. This class is child friendly!


The best of both worlds! 2 strength tools, the TRX suspension system and the amazing spin bike. These tools join forces to make this one strength/cardio class you dont want to miss. Controlled movements with the TRX will make you really focus on the muscle to mind connection while making you feel strong (and sweaty!) during your workout while you challenge yourself and fell the sweat drip as you spin to great music. This class will get your body moving in all planes of motion which is great for flexibility, balance and core stability.

Met/Con (Metabolic Conditioning)

Have you ever wondered what types of workouts burn the most calories and condition your body?  Metabolic Workouts are among the most efficient (and challenging) workouts to help burn the greatest number of calories in the least amount of time.

Metabolic Workouts combine exercises that engage different muscle groups, or use different movement patterns with very little rest between sets.The goal is not to deeply engage the muscle fibers for any particular muscle group, but to engage your entire musculoskeletal system, which helps elevate your metabolism for days. While this workout is tough, it’s VERY effective and efficient and great for men and women.  You must be in good physical condition and be able to squat down and get up without any pain.